Who is nolan gerard dating

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Who is nolan gerard dating

Collin Jennings is one of the main antagonists of Awkward.

He is one of the main antagonists in Season 3, alongside Jenna Hamilton.

He struckout 5,714 batters in his career, an MLB record.

He threw 7 no hitters in his career, an MLB record. He has been successful afterbaseball with his own Beef Business. He is currently an executive adviser to theowner of the Houston Astros.

Also pictured inside: Lucy and Tyler at a screening of the movie the night before at the Estrella Screening Room in West Hollywood.

The current relationship status of Nolan Funk is not known.

Collin is later seen on the phone, and revealed to Jenna that he and Angelique broke up because he wanted to be with someone more like Jenna.

Collin gives Jenna a ride to the Annual Mall Ball at the Julie's.

Before that, he was engaged to his longtime girlfriend Seana Gorlick.They enter Jenna's house kissing and Ming, Lissa, Fred, Jake, Jenna's mom, Jenna's dad, valerie and of course Matty jump and say surprise because it is a surprise party and everyone sees the kissing including Matty.In episode 12, Jenna breaks up with Matty because she has feelings for Collin In episode 13, Collin and Jenna's relationship goes public which hurt Matty and made Tamara, Jake and Ming very disappointed in her for her " sappy" choice and it especially hurts Tamara because Jake found out that she knew about Colin and Jenna which made them break-up.One of the greatest major league pitchers of all time.He played MLB for 27 seasons with the New York Mets, California Angels, Houston Astros and Texas Rangers, the most season in history tothat point.

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in the car, Collin states Jenna's 16 and still has time to define herself.

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