Who is dating keke palmer

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Who is dating keke palmer

Likewise, she previously dated several celebrities including Quincy Brown, Brandon Jeffery, and Rodney King.

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Palmer grew up along with her three siblings Lawrencia Palmer, Loreal Palmer and Lawrence Palmer. At the age of nine, Keke Palmer signed for a stage production of as April Lewis since 2017.

Keke Palmer is not married yet however, she is currently in a relationship with an American actor Elvin Jackson. But both of them have kept their relationship away from the public. Although the couple is dating, none of them have mentioned any plans of getting engaged or married.

Palmer is currently dating boyfriend, Elvin Jackson.

While his Instagram account has more pictures of them still on set, Keke has posted other pictures of them when it’s just the two of them, And let me tell you, they are cute.

Before you get to thinking that Keke is publicly cheating on her longtime boyfriend, Rodney, let’s nip that in the bud.

The cast, which also includes Romeo Miller and Cory Hardrict, is pretty young due to the film being based in a high school so it’s no surprise that they all like to hang out.

But it looks like Keke and Quincy have gotten a tad bit closer based on pictures.

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