Who is bernice from south beach tow dating

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Sassy keeps the guys in line and keeps the shop from burning down.

Does , and obviously, not all lesbians have to be as tough as Bernice.

Her father was a blues guitarist, her Mom was a gospel singer, and her mother was friends with BB King.

She has been performing all over the world and releasing records since the early 90’s. Kathy Harris came out in the second episode of the popular BET show, a decision she’s since said she doesn’t regret because of the positive response she got from fans.

Featuring confrontation, hilarious interactions and plenty of unpredictable drama there’s never a dull moment on South Beach Tow.

Florida's South Beach area of Miami is a major tourist destination at certain times of the year, especially during spring break. He's the affable-but-tough manager of Tremont Towing, which specializes in towing cars that are parked illegally.

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