Whitelabeldating cname

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Whitelabeldating cname

If you decide not to do this, however, then we recommend putting a copy of the tracking code file on your own CDN.

All you need to do is download your white label's tracking code javascript file and put it on your CDN.

The API also lets you make your system open, if you wish.

Using the API, you can create pages on your own web site that talk to our API, so you can have new users register and add new sites to their white label.

We recommend Open SPF, which only requires you to fill out a small form to create your SPF record.

To learn more about our iframe solution, click here.You'll of course want to add your own server IP addresses as well.[As of Dec 2015, the Open SPF form no longer works.The first way is to have them come to your white label domain and login with a username and password that you have created for them, or that they have chosen.They would have to know what your stats domain is, though.

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In your white label admin area, you have the option to use this for tracking instead of your branded domain.

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