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Im excited to wear this in December when the climate is cooler. The dry down was really really sweet (like candy) with vanilla taking over, and in the very end, tonka bean and vetiver stood out.The opening is very prominent with mint and IMO the best part of it is the dry down where there is a sign of youthful vibe from apple,vanilla and a bit sweet from tonka bean appears. Versace Eros in fact is an unique fragrance in a strange way, and it confuses me. The truth is that the opening, the dry down and the end don't quite work out cohesively for my taste.When we met, her first comment was : "You smell amazing! The projection is very good and longevity is a monster (it's still on my t-shirt I used yesterday and it will be for days), the smell itself is well described by other reviews and it's amazing (I truly love it! So many guys are missing out on this wonderful fragrance because they believe that!! this would be perfect for that scenario..you like armani code profumo, you might like this. It projects only for the first hour and then sits close to the skin.Eros is for EVERY man 17 to 50 willing to wear a softly sweet men's fragrance--It's that comprehensively well designed!! you could even wear it to work, but i believe there are better options for this, but if you do, please.. they dont smell the same, but share a few qualities.. yes of course they do.i think alot of the time, people are talking out of their ass when they say a fragrance has been reformulated. Longevity for me goes upto the six hours mark (2017 batch).Soft, creamy-sweet vanilla perfectly composed with lemon, mint, green apple and woods. this is just as thick as profumo, and for those that have profumo, youll know what i mean.is thick, and performs like it.. I respectfully disagree that it smells like a clubbing scent in the vein of 1 million.Eros is a sublimely soothing "everyday" fragrance for men, that is easily wearable while impossibly offensive, if not over-applied. i can not say enough good things about this fragrance. I would consider this an ambivalent freshie, suited for both day and evening wear. If you don' like 1 Million so don't purchase this scent. 2017 batch longevity:on my skin 16 hrs, projection: 8 hrs. I had a bottle, I sold it after the first wearing because I couldn't even pass the first 10 minutes Have no idea about the complement factor because I could not go and wear it in public. Not something that I'm looking for in a fragrance 0.5 / 10 Versace eros is very unique! A combination of mint and vanilla in a vintage bottle Its sweet but also a little bit fresh.Projection and sillage are moderate, while many here get 10-12 hours longevity, and literally days on clothes. So if you are 28 or older, do yourself a huge favor and give this amazing fragrance a "full-wearing" try, as the drydown is even better than the opening....because I truly believe you will be glad you did! My overall rating for Eros is 9.5 out of 10, only because of the relatively strong yet short minty opening. this fragrance has reestablished my love of fragrances.. Was never a fan of this perfume till this morning , in last 4 years this is for the 1 st time i enjoyed wearing this . The performance is up there, i still get compliments from girls after 6 hours of wearing Versace Eros for Men is indeed a power perfume. I love it ladies love it any time of day or season of year or any age.I will give it to Versace for the performance aspect of this frag. the final thing i wanted to address was I've heard some people talking of reformulations.. May be i have grown or may be i have started to like Mint Note (after wearing so many oud perfumes). R 1 Million but with better quality and performance. I love the intensity and combination of vibrant and glowing freshness it exhibits in the top notes - a fusion of green mint, apple and lemon. I find myself hitting the blaster on this heavyweight champion more & more. I found versace eros gift set ( frag shower gel money grip) 6 years back Jan 2012 Batch code 20160702 What do you think?

Yesterday it was valentine's day in the country I live, I wore it some minutes before meeting my girlfriend. Then we went out to take food and bring home (everywhere were full of clients, we didn't want to wait) and when I went though people, I saw women turning their heads and I could notice the sniffs around me, needless to say that this perfume made me feel very good and confident =). I'm here to say that Versace Eros is not JUST for the younger and clubbing crowd! you know when you go on vacation and are left with memories years later? The opening is great with the mint, apple and citrus notes combining for something very promising, the dry down however is where it becomes ordinary, as and when the vanilla and tonka bean kicks in to allude to the sweetness present in the fragrance.In todays perfume business era most of the popular houses release new stuff with the design in mind to keep longevity rather short to medicore and the sillage contained. i have recently bought a new bottle as a backup, and decided to open it and sample it, to test it.. This is super fresh fragrance & perfect for a hot summer day or late night disc parties ! I love the notes of Amber and Tonka Beans based on woody notes that weave a spell of masculine sexiness. Shall i go for this deal or not as it is too old for me The price is the same for 2017 bottle This is one of those colognes that are easy to over spray and is best in small doses.It is an attempt to drain more of the income from the customers ,having them to re-stock their favourite frags more often. Eros is one of those “daring, unrestrained, passionate” fragrances in my wardrobe and this is my second bottle. Its starts off with a very pungent blast of lemon and mint which can be a bit much at first.Face of the advertising campaign is Brian Shimansky, while photographers are Mert & Marcus.Donatella wanted a man-gladiator for the new campaign, who is fighting for what he wants, fighting for his goals.

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