Updating windows live custom domains

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As such it's vital to setup proper SPF txt record and reverse DNS A (IPv4) and AAAA (IPv6) records for your hosted or your main server's hostname.(For email sent from server, reverse DNS lookups on server IP address usually look for the server's hostname.and not yourdomain.com) .

To verify the POP3 delete command: To combat spam and phishing emails, Microsoft Outlook Live Domains uses the Sender ID Framework which basically looks at your domain's DNS SPF text records as well as your reverse DNS lookup for the domain the email is being sent from.You can start adding user accounts as well as adding Custom addresses via CNAME DNS changes to your domain.You get to create up to 500 free email user acounts !All current email address will continue to work in and the support will extend indefinitely.Similar to Google’s shutdown of Google Apps sign-ups in 2012, Microsoft’s using the termination to migrate users to the business editions of Office 365, in this case.

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You also need to follow instructions on this page to prove domain name ownership as well.

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