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Updating sequence in oracle

Without sequences, sequential values can only be produced programmatically.

A new primary key value can be obtained by selecting the most recently produced value and incrementing it.

The examples outlined in the following sections show how sequences can be used in master/detail table relationships.

Assume an order entry system is partially comprised of two tables, is referenced more than once in a single statement, then the first reference generates the next number, and all subsequent references in the statement return the same number.

This method requires a lock during the transaction and causes multiple users to wait for the next value of the primary key; this waiting is known as .

If developers have such constructs in applications, then you should encourage the developers to replace them with access to sequences.

In this case, access to sequence numbers might often require disk reads.

For fast access to all sequences, be sure your cache has enough entries to hold all the sequences used concurrently by your applications.

the next call to NEXTVAL will give you the right result); if you use Toad, press F5 to run the statement, not F9, which pages the output (thus stopping the increment after, usually, 500 rows). is usually slower than the ALTER SEQUENCE solution.If two users are accessing the same sequence concurrently, then the sequence numbers each user receives might have gaps because sequence numbers are also being generated by the other user.Sequence numbers can be kept in the sequence cache in the System Global Area (SGA).I tried to find something similar online but wasn't able to get anything useful. For some reason, people in the past have inserted data without using sequence. How can I update the next value so that it is usable?

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Once a sequence number is generated, the sequence number is available only to the session that generated the number.