Updating mediawiki

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Updating mediawiki

Other options for this setting include: The maximal number that SMW will normally display without using scientific exp notation.The default is rather large since some users have problems understanding exponents.If you contact another host, be sure to ask them which PHP version your website will run on before purchasing.PHP has a list of unsupported version including dates on their website.Media Wiki is an open source wiki application that allows you to create your customizable wiki sites.Originally developed by the Wiki Media Foundation to serve the needs of Wikipedia, it can be adapted for individuals and smaller organizations.If you develop Word Press plugins yourself you might want to check out the PHP library called WPupdate PHP.Semantic Media Wiki offers a number of configuration parameters that site administrators may modify according to the particular needs of their wiki.

Word Press, the content management system that Woo Commerce uses, has listed PHP 7 as the recommended version on n their requirements page: https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/ Can you please let me know if my hosting supports PHP 5.6 or higher and how I can upgrade? If you have a VPS server, see How to upgrade from PHP 5.

This page explains all configuration parameters for Semantic Media Wiki.

All available configuration parameters can also be found in the file "Default Settings.php" (as of ).

By default, these settings allow for uploads in "png", "gif", and "jpeg/jpg" formats.

If you would like to allow additional formats, add the Note: Any website that accepts content from users is adopting a certain level of risk!

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The following settings affect inline queries and querying special pages, in particular Special: Ask.