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( lot has changed since the last release of this FTP server.

The most important change is the improved list of connected users which now displays more details like the current active transfer details (file, progress, speed) New features: - List of connected users displays more details: IP, current file, progress and speed.

File Zilla is a fast FTP and SFTP client for Windows with a lot of features. File Zilla Server 0.9.6 fixes two problems which could be used as denial of service attacks against File Zilla Server.

The first problem involves reserved MSDOS device names like CON, NUL, COM1, LPT1 and such.

File Zilla is a fast FTP and SFTP client for Windows with a lot of features. The long wait is over, I'm proud to announce the release of File Zilla 3.0.0. type=client The primary new feature of 3.0.0 is the ability to run under multiple platforms.

File Zilla 3 does not only run under Windows, but also under Linux, *BSD, Mac OS X and many more.

The problem seems to only occur on Windows 2000 or older....An update to File Zilla 2.2.23 is highly recommended. group_id=21558&package_id=15149File Zilla Server 0.9.17 fixes a critical security vulnerability.Due to a buffer overflow in the admin interface, remote code execution with the rights of the user running the admin interface might have been possible.Details about the vulnerabilities can be found here: Zilla uses Open SSL to handle SSL secured connections.Updating to File Zilla 2.2.28 and File Zilla Server 0.9.19 is highly recommended.

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In this case I recommend to use File Zilla as client, it supports UTF-8.