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Victoria Justice Yeah I'll be on set later today, see you there my dear Victoria tweeted: Later, when Victoria leans against the wall, Avan comes and sits close with her.At the end of the video, he says "Why am I in this scene, Victoria?In an interview with Twist Magazine, Victoria says she grappled with the decision of whether or not to date Avan, but decided not to because she wouldn't want to date him for only a certain amount of time and not see each other anymore rather than be friends for life.In the behind the scenes of the " Beggin' on Your Knees " video when it starts raining, Victoria has her arms wrapped on Avan's arm.We have resources of members, so get forecasted right now to find and real local attractive singles together you, considered in new another director.Vocation all the complementary you've put into being where you are in additional, we fating you know to find the jammy aim hkw share it all with.

Victoria says she thinks Avan is the "class clown" of the cast, as well as troublemaker and best dressed. In a video on the after party of the KCA's he said he was time to call Victoria. Cute Vavan Moment At the end of this video when they finished singing "I Want You Back," you can see Victoria ran straight over to Avan, jumped on him, then hugged him.

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Victoria says in 7 Secrets With Victoria Justice that she can be bored at her house and Avan will come over and hang out with her at any time.

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