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Hairdos differed, but the basic body plan stayed the same for as far back as the history books go. They would be much better at climbing trees, though.But if you were to go back further in time, a couple million years before anybody figured out how to write, your ancestors would still have two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth, a head sitting atop an oblong body with two arms and legs. If you went further back in time, the arms would be front legs.Evolutionary theory argues that all the organisms alive on Earth today share a common ancestor.

Only later came Noah's Flood, which was held responsible for depositing all those weird remains, like shells, in rocks on top of mountains.Early on, the story that caused perhaps the most trouble was Noah's Flood.One man who managed to stir some doubt was Niels Stensen (or Nicolaus Steno).Squeezing in all these newly discovered creatures from newly discovered continents looked impossible.Biblical scholars went back to calculating the length of a cubit.

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And if God played by the rules, then a worldwide flood that covered the highest mountain peaks with water (and left seashells behind) would require the sudden creation and subsequent cleanup of a tremendous amount of liquid. Leonardo da Vinci himself poured scorn on such "just so" stories.

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