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All the other girls wait for the next guy to arrive and if the girl who's coupled up doesn't like him anymore after a week — or four weeks — she can send him home and wait for the next guy. To put 21-year-olds on a dating show, they're going to fight and whatever, but these are grown-ups and they're looking for real relationships. They have things going on in their lives, but the only thing they're missing is love. Plus, we gave everyone a cell phone, so they can text each other and you get to see their text messages.I've watched a few but I felt that with other dating shows, they didn't represent America, you know?Young dairy farmer Ed ends up with an abundance of riches: two whole boxes crammed full of willing dates that he bashfully attempts to conceal from those who have not been as fortunate.Then there are those for whom the process is not as successful and fails to produce any viable leads, such as the formidable, wise-cracking Wendy who seems resigned to her fate.The analog element of correspondence by mail may be a bit too chintzy and Cath Kidson for some, but any rose-tinted cuteness evaporates when 28-year-old equine vet Heather receives a picture of a naked man’s behind with one of her notes, proving that you can never escape the tyranny of the unwanted selfie even if you can only be reached by carrier-pigeon.Some of the group are more hesitant than others and fail to throw themselves into the venture with the same spirit as divorced farmer Pete, who scrolls through his shoebox of letters in gleeful disbelief. ” he exclaims after examining each and every letter.“I knew I’d get older ones and most of them I don’t find attractive,” she sighs disappointedly. ” Cox shouts, scolding forlorn singleton farmer Christine who has a less-than-enthusiastic response to the thoughts of heading back onto the dating scene as she scans through her batch of letters. Those in the modern love trenches understand that sometimes being elbow deep in a cow’s rectum is preferable to swiping through Tinder of an evening and that both mostly yield the same results.Christine moved back to her family home in Dumfries and Galloway after her father became ill and now, after his death, she runs the cattle and sheep farm alone, longing for an opportunity to dress up and be paid attention to.

So whenever anybody on the show tried to give rules or put other people in check, those are the most obnoxious ones.There are no Hardy-style wife auctions here; this is no opportunistic roll in the hay or a is a non-judgmental warm hug of a show.It’s fully invested in concocting the right formula for its applicants and showing how love can elude anyone: those that are feeling fragile or are not part of a singles social scene, just like the almost-forgotten hard-working men and women of the agricultural industry.I always say, let everyone have the vacation they want to have.The worst thing you can do when you're on vacation with somebody is try to set activities for [them].

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It's like the black girl gets sent home on episode three and you never get to see anybody else make it.