Translated japanese dating sims Women for sex no credit card

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Translated japanese dating sims

“Many users in conventional relationships worldwide look to romance apps to allow them to experience, in a virtual space separate from reality, the thrill and excitement of slightly embarrassing lines and situations their real-life husbands and partners may not provide them with,” reads Voltage’s press release on the Game Show booth.But while they seem to have mastered giving these kinds of thrills to a Japanese audience, Voltage is still experimenting with how how to satisfy all the virtual romantic needs of Western women.With 26 million users worldwide playing their sixty (and counting) romance apps, Voltage Inc.has been dominating the mobile dating sim scene for years in Japan, Singapore, and now more recently the U. In fact this past September, Voltage’s romance sims made up almost half of Apple’s twenty top grossing i Phone entertainment apps in Singapore.Really, their target audience is just any woman who owns a phone and enjoys romance.

And while they all asked to remain anonymous, they graciously agreed to let me share some of their musings.” The most evident cultural difference between Voltage’s Japanese and American audiences, however, proved to be more aesthetic in nature.“Japanese women prefer men with slender faces such as those who appear in anime and manga. After holding a focus group session with American women in their twenties, an interviewer said that “from talking to them it seems that (even to those interested in anime) in general American women are not as used to seeing more romantic or mature content in animated media.Hundreds of women (and reportedly some men) lined up to get a piece of that action at Voltage’s booth.And their reactions were completely emblematic of the experience Voltage hopes to provide for their 26 millions users, with bright eyed women grinning from ear to ear, swooning, or just covering their mouths with scandalized delight.

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And since establishing their San Francisco branch back in 2012, they’re slowly but surely climbing up the charts here too.