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The club is actually called Bijou, and is located on Manchester's Chapel Street, near the city's arena.The first series was recorded at The Manchester Studios, with the second series moving to The Maidstone Studios.Initially, unlike it's predecessor, no expense was spent on the location for the dates.No foreign holidays here, just a visit to what we were told is Manchester's most exclusive nightclub, Fernando's.Once the women are in place, Mr Mc Guinness makes a cheesy, and sometimes mildly suggestive comment along the lines of, 'Let the butter, see the crumpet', or, 'Let the tomato, see the sauce', followed by a cry of 'Single man. Once he has briefly strutted around in front of the women, we move on to the main game.

The show opens with the thirty single women entering down a staircase, before standing behind a podium bearing their name, with fifteen podiums on each side of the central love lift. At this point a man descends in the love lift, to the sound of a song we are told he has chosen himself.

Ironically, the French have never managed to get this on air though it is now on air in several other countries.

Although the name isn't real, Fernando's, where the couples were sent on their dates in the first series, is a real nightclub, and not a purpose-built set.

Once the couple have been sent on their way, the whole of the above is repeated a further three times. Right, turn off your light' 'Turn one girl off, and take one girl out' 'Girls, until next time, it's light out, all out' The idea was originally French, then piloted in the UK.

In short, it's cheap, it's lowbrow, but it never professes to be anything else, and it has become something of a sleeper hit. An Australian version (called 'Taken Out') was made based on the UK pilot before our version aired.

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If more than two woman remain after the end of round three, then the man must walk along the row of podiums, and turn off the lights of the women he is not interested in, leaving just two to answer his question.