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I did catch her checking out my crotch every now and then.

Really could not miss it, since my shorts wear quite loose as well and I do sport right at 8” of mother loving cock. I looked at her and told her I noticed on my computer that she had been looking at incest sites and I told her I looked at her diary.

She seemed quite shocked, but not as shocked as I thought she was going to be.

She said she was just curious about it and the writings in her diary were not what she really thought. I told her that I had thought of having sex with her for such a long time.

It all started out simple enough, she would come over when I was at work and do her thing and find things she was looking for.

One day I decided to see for myself what she was actually looking at.

We ate some ice cream while we watched the movies and had a few drinks.

Turns out she was clicking on the sections that would feature mother/son stories and pics. It was at that point where I knew my mother was maybe as interested in incest as I was.

I checked my history file and saw the regular average site, but one day I did find that she was looking a XXX sites.

Nothing too hardcore, but hardcore enough to get a woman excited.

Just the way she looked at me turned me on so much.

Now that I knew how bad she wanted to feel my cock in her, which turned me on even more.

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She made comments about how wrong it was and that she could never make the first advance.

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