Speedy creek dating

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Speedy creek dating

An example of their abstract human forms is the "Mica Hand" from the Hopewell Site in Ross County, Ohio.Delicately cut from a piece of mica, more than 11 inches long, and 6 inches wide, the hand piece was likely worn or carried for public viewing.In 1983, Turner demonstrated that the Hopeton earthworks encode various sunrise and moonrise patterns, including the winter and summer solstices, the equinoxes, the cross-quarter days, the lunar maximum events, and the lunar minimum events.Many of the mounds also contain various types of burials.

Hopewell populations originated in western New York and moved south into Ohio, where they built upon the local Adena mortuary tradition.The Hopewell created some of the finest craftwork and artwork of the Americas.Most of their works had some religious significance, and their graves were filled with necklaces, ornate carvings made from bone or wood, decorated ceremonial pottery, ear plugs, and pendants.Today, the best-surviving features of the Hopewell tradition era are mounds built for uncertain purposes.Great geometric earthworks are one of the most impressive Native American monuments throughout American prehistory.

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Aside from the more famous Ohio Hopewell, a number of other Middle Woodland period cultures are known to have been involved in the Hopewell tradition and participated in the Hopewell exchange network.