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Show me  dating site in senegal

Subsequent increases in contraceptive use were slow, and one-third of married women still had an unmet need for FP in 2010–11 .In response, the Senegalese Ministry of Health launched an ambitious National Family Planning Action Plan in 2012, announcing a national target of 27% MCPR by 2015 among women of reproductive age in union (WRAU) – from 11% MCPR in 2011 – through increased availability of FP services and commodities, as well as a broad communication and advocacy campaign.

The 1999 survey was excluded because data collected did not follow the standard DHS model.Population density is much lower in the north and south-east.The health system in Senegal follows a hierarchical model, with each of the 14 regional medical offices responsible for overseeing health districts in the region.Pills, injectables, implants, intra-uterine devices (IUDs), male and female condoms, male and female sterilisation, diaphragms, spermicides, and sponges were categorised as modern contraceptive methods.The revised DHS definition of unmet need for family planning was used: women not wanting another birth in the next two years and not using modern contraception, or whose last pregnancy was not wanted, were considered to have an unmet need for FP.

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These three proposed harder-to-reach groups were selected because geographical and financial barriers, and provider restrictions emerged from the literature as the biggest obstacles to FP use in Senegal.

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