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But in marriage you have to mesh your dreams, desires, attitudes, assumptions, needs and habits with those of your spouse. When you pray with your spouse, you are drawn into unity with God and, as a result, with one another.Just as physical intimacy reaffirms your oneness, so does praying together.No matter what struggles a couple have, if they keep praying together, they can see things turn around. Ask Him to teach you and your spouse how to pray together so you can have the marriage He wants you to have.If you or your spouse feels uncomfortable or embarrassed praying out loud in front of the other, don't be discouraged. The most difficult thing about a marriage is that there are two people in it.If you were just trying to work through things by yourself, you could certainly do a good job of it.A husband and wife certainly can't change each other, and they can never change as much as they would like.

Whether that happens is determined by how frequently and how fervently God is invited into your relationship.

Praying together can be divorce insurance, but it sounds kind of awkward. There is a certain intimacy and vulnerability that comes from opening your heart to God in the presence of your spouse.

Sure it’s fine for priests and nuns or really holy people, but what about normal married couples? But we go to church on Sunday and say grace before meals.

Recently, couple prayer has been the topic of increasing research.

Many married couples who have relied on prayer in addressing marital problems report that using prayer in their marriage tends to increase their level of satisfaction within the marriage.

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When we pray, we are showing our reverence for God and each other.

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