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It is well known that so called Chinatowns have become the most common institutionalized form of Chinese civilization’s global existence. What is Chinatown’s cultural nature as well as its historical significance? The Taoist version of this idea stresses the “non-subjective” (wu-wo) nature of authentic Selfhood.

Yet this time they melt into a Chaos of another sort — sublimated by human effort and esthetically perceived Chaos of the Great Limit {t ’aiji), a cultural creation par excellence.

The supreme value of tradition is neither objective knowledge nor creation, but the non-subjective sincerity of expression which transforms the finite act into a consummating event and makes it a precise non-expression, a spontaneous appropriation of being’s temporality and thus — an act of going along with the world.

The continuity of tradition presupposes that to affirm one’s true Self one must forget oneself.

The latter, of course, has nothing to do with the mere continuation of the past.

Its real essence is the creative event or, to be precise, the self-effacing power of time, the irresistible force of forgetfulness that affirms the ever-present but essentially a-temporal reality under the cover of permanent renovation.

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This paradox of self-realization through “self-forgetting”, still only vaguely understood, has also a historical aspect.

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