Rowupdating newvalues

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Rowupdating newvalues

The database table used here has just two fields (sid and sname) My code is as follows: Web Page: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- im having the same problem i think: in my case i have set binding for template fields; ive a grid with 2 types of field: - bound filed editable (no the tamplate) - bound readonly field (template field) ive set Eval for the template and it is readonly, i placed also Bind to make a test but still count is zero; also had a try changing the datasource, and sure i have set the key field for the grid. OK, so I solved my problem, but not straight forward.

New Values["Field Name"] are changed in Row Validating method - but values shown in the gridview are not changed and e.It is possible that we can suggest appropriate an solution for your scenario. Thanks oh sorry, I've readed that is not possible in Row Validating. in Row Inserting this new value is not shown in the gridview row when I stop the insert process by setting e.Thanks, Marion Thank you Marion, I want to do round an amount value if this value not is many times the package size - automatically - after the user accept the row and before I send the row to server. Edit Item Template's editor, you can get its reference via ASPx Grid View. Cancel = true; Hello Hermann, Can you please describe your scenario in greater detail?Hello Hermann, I am afraid it is not possible to change the editor's value in the Row Validating or Row Updating event handler. New Values["Field Name"] arriving Row Inserting are the unchanged values.Please clarify why you want to accomplish this task. Have I to something else to accept the new values ?

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The sample application is a website for a fictional Contoso University. To implement this architecture, you separate the presentation layer from the business logic layer (BLL) and the data access layer (DAL).

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