Problems with dating widowers

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Keep in mind that the life in Havana can be difficult, or as they say: “no es facil” (it’s not easy). The jineteras “work” in the tourist areas, Old and Central Havana, especially Saturday and Sunday nights around the Central Park square, Obispo and San Rafaël Streets, on the hunt for tourists with open wallets.

At the same time the police is watching the girls, because this practice is not allowed.

Additional documents Depending of the regulations of the country of the inviting person additional documents may be needed such as: A medical examination certificate A document stating that the inviting person earns sufficient income to support the invited Cuban.

In order to receive permission to leave the country, the Cuban citizen has to go to the Cuban Migration Services to apply for a travel permit (vigencia de viaje) and a Passport.

Any jinetera walking hand in hand with a tourist can expect an identity check.

The police will ask her for her “carné de identidad,” a small plastic identity card, and check if she has a record of prostitution.

Nowadays prostitution in Cuba is legaly forbidden and does in fact not exist.

The cost of this document in Havana is 140 CUC, with special request form available at the Cuban embassies: costs about 200 US dollar – 200 euro.

Pay attention when more money is requested, watch out if she constantly expects new and expensive things - new clothing, a cell phone, money for her “sick” mother or baby etc. These are early warning signs Disappointed, thought I made friends in Cuba I went to Varadero with a group of friends, all females. From there I was just thinking …all the information about documents, procedures, and prices are guidelines, and differ from country to country.

Within minutes of our arrival everyone knew where we were from. Be realisitic about Life, Friendship and Love in Cuba I have been to Havana many times. Check with the Cuban embassy in your homeland for the latest information.

The document mentions the identity of the person who invites the Cuban and the identity of the Cuban citizen who is invited.

The “ inviter” declares that he /she will take full responsibility for the Cuban and agrees to pay the total costs of the invitation including travel costs, hotel or housing costs, medical insurance etc.

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If affirmative she can expect a severe fine (50 CUC) and up to 3 years in jail, or she can be sent to a re-education school and be obligated to learn a trade such as hairdressing.

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