Politics and dating

Posted by / 24-Nov-2019 18:32

Nearly 70% of male respondents stated that they preferred to get involved in a conversation that focused on political issues.

It seems that this is also applied to dating as well.

A study named Singles in America launched on February 2016, showed that 70% of singles, in particular those supporting Hillary Clinton, were more likely to discuss politics on a first date.

The good news were that, the chances of getting a second date were higher if you engaged on a political debate during your first date.

Yes, in case you somehow haven't heard, the passionate bromance of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin continued yesterday, and it was different from all those other times an American president sang the praises of a hostile foreign dictator who was standing right next to him, in that it actually happened in real life and wasn't part of some terrifying Orwellian nightmare.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, his star on the Walk of Fame has been a common target for some very amusing vandalism.

Q: How do you tell someone that you are on a date with that you don’t want to talk about politics?

This is also applied to the dating scene as every day there are more and more women who think it is OK to bring out a political topic during a first date.

In spite, many singles believe that engaging on a political debate during a first date still is a social faux pas, nowadays, daters are less susceptible to talk about politics when meeting romantically someone for the first time.

This time, he staged a satirical interview with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

In case you've somehow been blissfully unaware of his existence, allow us to fill you in on the newly-hatched-larva-turned-Trump-policy-advisor whos's adopted the human name of Stephen Miller. After widespread national and international backlash and Melania Trump's "I don't really care" controversy, Donald Trump finally retracted his family separation immigration policy.

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Remember in late 2016 when it looked like Mark Zuckerberg was testing the waters for an eventual Presidential run? In a recent statement, Zuckerberg seemed to make excuses for Holocaust deniers on Facebook, claiming that the classic neo-nazi talking point is just an honest misunderstanding.