Polish dating in poland

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Polish dating in poland

They are becoming obese and embracing the hipster culture. I estimate we have about 10-15 years until Poland becomes a mini-Germany in terms of female appearance.While other Eastern European locations are more resistant to Westerization, Polish culture is begging for their culture to be replaced in terms of lifestyle and diet.Our site includes a number of pre Second World War German maps and a large number of scans of old picture postcards, photographs and vintage images dating from between 18.I’m sad to be writing this right now, because a place I loved not long ago is one that I may not want to visit again. Two and a half years later, while living in Wroclaw, I can clearly see the degradation.

I can say with 100% certainty that Polish girls are less attractive than girls from the following European countries I’ve been to: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Croatia, Romania, and Moldova.

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It’s no longer automatic that Poland is great for most guys—you may do a lot better in Romania or even the Baltics.

When it comes to love tourism, it’s important to always be ready to accept that the environment can change quickly. Once a great place to rack up bangs with decent chicks, its value is decreasing at a rate that surprises me.

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I’m not going to argue that this is not in their best interests, but it gives a lower value proposition for men who want more than scant attention from the women he dates.