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Recent fossil finds indicate that one species of the horse-like proterotheriid litopterns did as well.

Through the skies over late Miocene South America 6 Ma ago soared the largest flying bird known, the teratorn Argentavis , with a wing span of 6 m or more, which may have subsisted in part on the leftovers of Thylacosmilus kills.

Island-hopping 'waif dispersers'[ edit ] Emperor tamarin , Saguinus imperator The invasions of South America started about 40 Ma ago middle Eocene , when caviomorph rodents arrived in South America.

The independent development of spines by New and Old World porcupines is another example of parallel evolution. Paul's Rocks , if they were an inhabitable island at the time and westward oceanic currents.

Island-hopping caviomorphs would subsequently colonize the West Indies as far as the Bahamas , [35] [36] reaching the Greater Antilles by the early Oligocene.

Like caviomorph rodents, South American monkeys are believed to be a clade i.

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Although terror birds were able to invade part of North America, their success was temporary; this lineage disappeared about two million years ago.