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Park bom dating ban

Note that the contact information may be anonymous if the site was registered through a proxy service.

If you can only find a general phone number for the front desk (this often happens with newspapers), tell the receptionist that you’d like to be connected to someone in charge of website content about a takedown request.

Simply type “whois site you’re looking up].com” in quotes, and you’ll get a result for the person who registered it.When you’re picking out a person to reach out to, follow our tips from point 1 above.Even if you can’t find personal emails, most sites use a standard format for employee email, and you can guess at an email with a bit of work.For example, we use the format “first name at Abine dot com.” This website, Email Format, can help you guess by providing formats for many popular websites.There’s usually no legal reason to get an item taken down, so you’ll only succeed if you ask respectfully and eloquently.

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