Outlook slow updating cached messages

Posted by / 31-Mar-2020 19:32

Outlook slow updating cached messages

Nothing is more annoying than not being able to get your email when you want it and be presented with a sometimes very cryptic or a seeming meaningless error code instead.

Although there are a multitude of error codes that you could be presented with, there are a couple of common solutions that work for many cases.

You should wait until the index is done rebuilding.

Does another Outlook mean new or different Outlook search problems?

To see how to change the sleep time, check on google – it’s simple. Choose your desired Screen and Sleep settings.” And Rachel has an easy quick fix: “Go to Control Panel; Programs; Programs and Features; highlight your Office product; click Change at the top; click Quick Repair.

In Windows 10 it is : Click the Start menu and select Settings.

Here are 2 great ones: Pat suggests you check your computer’s sleep time: “Change the time-out/sleep-time on your computer to a large number such as 5 hours and it will rebuild the indexing files.

Afterward, you can return the sleep time to something normal.

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