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Other turkish dating

These stamps are the only reliable way to determine the age of the cymbals.The engraved stamp cannot be erased because it is in the metal.Click here to see a timeline of K Istanbul cymbals.The Avedis Zildjian company started making K Zildjian cymbals in a factory in Medutic, Canada in 1977.I became fascinated with the story of the oldest Chinese cymbals in vintage collections in the United States, and the Chinese Cymbal Timeline is the result.Click here to see a timeline of early Chinese cymbals imported to the US.This website contains several embedded discussions of specific cymbal timelines, beyond this introductory front page.Visitors are welcome to post comments, though they are reviewed for quality and relevance.

Avedis Zildjian came to the United States and started making cymbals under the label “A Zildjian” in 1929 in Quincy, Massachusetts.A Zildjian Stamp Timeline Chinese Cymbals G Zildjian Cymbal Mystery Italian (UFIP) Cymbals K Zildjian - Canada & US Timeline K Zildjian - Constantinople Timeline K Zildjian - Istanbul Timeline Stamp Anomalies (new) This website offers information about the age of cymbals based on the “stamps” found on them.Cymbals are engraved with a trademark by the maker.Click here to see a timeline of K Constantinople cymbals.Constantinople was re-named Istanbul by the Government of Turkey in 1930.

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The Zildjian Family (of Turkey) represents the longest running cymbal-producing lineage outside of China. erope Zildjian ran the factory that produced the K Zildjian line of cymbals, in Constantinople (Istanbul).

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