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In 1981, NBC and Carson, after significant acrimony, reached an agreement on a new contract, which (among other concessions to Carson) granted the venerable host the rights to the time slot immediately following The Tonight Show.All throughout 1981, in addition to guest-hosting the Tonight Show as outlined among the terms of his NBC contract, Letterman also frequently appeared as guest on the highly-rated program as the network groomed the 34-year-old for a new project.The staff responsible for preparing the launch of Late Night included Merrill Markoe in the head writing role, seasoned TV veteran Hal Gurnee as director, Letterman's manager Jack Rollins as executive producer, and a group of young writers — most of them in their early twenties, including the somewhat more experienced 29-year-old Jim Downey who had previously written for Saturday Night Live and 27-year-old Steve O'Donnell.Markoe stepped down as head writer after a few months, and was succeeded by Downey who was in turn succeeded by O'Donnell in 1983.The reviews were mixed — Los Angeles Times wrote: "Much of Letterman's first week did not jell" — but more importantly, the show drew 1.5 million viewers, 30% more than had tuned in for Snyder's Tomorrow.On the third night, after baseball great Hank Aaron finished his interview segment with Letterman, a camera followed him backstage, where TV sportscaster Al Albert conducted a post-interview chat with Aaron about how it had gone.Carson, for his part, wanted Late Night to have as little overlap with his show as possible.In fact, most ground rules and restrictions on what Letterman could do came not from the network but from the production company itself.

David Letterman was still held in sufficient regard by the network brass (especially NBC president Fred Silverman) that upon hearing the 33-year-old comedian was being courted by a syndication company, NBC gave him a ,000 per week deal to sit out a year and guest-host a few times on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.Snyder's Tomorrow re-runs continued until Thursday, January 28, 1982 and four days later on Monday, February 1, 1982, Late Night premiered with a cold opening featuring Larry "Bud" Melman delivering lines as an homage to the prologue of Boris Karloff's Frankenstein, followed by Letterman coming out on stage to Tchaikovsky's "Piano Concerto No.1" behind a group of female dancers — the peacock girls who had also opened the finale of The David Letterman Show.The network wanted to capitalize on catering to young males, feeling that there was very little late-night programming for that demographic.The newly announced show thus displaced the Tomorrow Coast to Coast program hosted by Tom Snyder from the slot.

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Eccentric and awkward, the show immediately established a sensibility that was clearly different from The Tonight Show.