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If things have been slow moving, Kokopelli's song is saying that whatever you intend to plant at this time will be very productive for you.

Planting seeds for the future takes effort on your part, so now is the time to use your skill and resources to make use of the magic.

If you have a project to begin or an idea to develop, the timing couldn't be better.

Bringing the people once again near to hear Kokopelli's sweet flute?

Whatever the true meaning of Kokopelli is, he has been a source of music making and dancing, and spreading joy to those around him.

Even today, Kokopelli, with his hunchback and flute, is always welcome in our homes.

Kokopelli can also be found in various other places throughout the world such as SF hotels and hotels in Chicago Illinois as artwork or on different items.

There is an appealing and timeless quality about Kokopelli which fascinates everyone, even in our modern technological age."If Kokopelli has lured you with his magical flute, it is time to listen to his song. You are being asked to use your talents to create fertility in some area of your life.

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  2. The stories they tell you may be heartbreaking and believable – Until you meet the person face to face and develop trust over a long period of time, it is best to assume they are also fictional.

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