Mumbai dating blog

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Mumbai dating blog

If you’re just looking for fun or a casual partner, these are the spots for you.

If a date never offers to pick up the tab, then consider that a red flag.I can’t tell you what a massive advantage Thai-speaking foreigners have over those who don’t speak a lick of Thai.Not only will your conversation be far more stimulating and interesting, but it’ll open up an entire segment of the population that is completely off-limits to non-Thai speakers. If you’re going to be moving to Chiang Mai long-term, do yourself a favor and learn some basic Thai conversational skills.However, once you do land a great Lanna girlfriend, she will remain very loyal.These tips on dating in Chiang Mai are not a guide to get you laid.

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Many expats who’ve gone down that dogged route have only gotten disappointed in the long-run and decided to leave Thailand, calling all girls liars in the process.