Journal dating

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Journal dating

Two years later, online publication extended to include the full text of all articles.

The website for the George Polk Awards noted that its 1977 award to the New England Journal of Medicine "provided the first significant mainstream visibility for a publication that would achieve enormous attention and prestige in the ensuing decades." It was the only journal in the category with an impact factor of more than 70.

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On April 25, 1996, NEJM announced their new website, which published each week the abstracts for research articles and the full text of editorials, cases, and letters to the editor.E-book collections include back volumes per series or per subject.Please sign up and be the first to know about our latest products.Referred to as the Ingelfinger rule, this policy protects the originality of content.The rule was first described in a 1969 editorial by Franz Ingelfinger, the editor-in-chief at that time.

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The Intelligencer ran into financial troubles in the spring of 1827, and the editors of the New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery and the Collateral Branches of Medical Science purchased it in February 1828 merging the two publications to form the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, and renamed it in 1928 the New England Journal of Medicine.

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