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Invalidating stale software suspend images

You have a blacklist that holds these tokens until their expiration date is hit.The list of tokens will be quite small compared to the total number of users, since it only has to keep blacklisted tokens until their expiration.Discover how to get the most from NSURLSessions and Watch Connectivity to keep data fresh and glanceable.For a new project I'm working on, I'm thinking about switching over from a cookie based session approach (by this, I mean, storing an id to a key-value store containing user sessions in a user's browser) to a token-based session approach (no key-value store) using JSON Web Tokens (jwt).Clearly this only works for an emergency case when you wanted all existing tokens to expire, for per token expiry one of the solutions above is required (such as short token expiry time or invalidating a stored key inside the token).This is primarily a long comment supporting and building on the answer by @mattway Given: Some of the other proposed solutions on this page advocate hitting the datastore on every request.

The storage size would likely be lower though, as you would only need to store tokens that were between logout & expiry time (this is a gut feeling, and is definitely dependent on context).

Haven't tried this yet, and it is uses a lot of information based on some of the other answers.

The complexity here is to avoid a server side data store call per request for user information.

For example, if this paradigm is vulnerable to the same/different kinds of attacks as the session store/cookie-based approach.

So, say I have the following (adapted from this and this): Session Store Login: -- A logout (or invalidate) for the Session Store approach would require an update to the Key Value Store database with the specified token.

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(If your site receives a high volume of unauthorized requests, then JWT would deny them without hitting the datastore, which is helpful. You cannot wait for token expiration in these cases. Also, you cannot trust the client not to keep and use a copy of the old token, whether with malicious intent or not.

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