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Hacking for free adult private video chatting

No matter what’s going on, taking student misbehavior as a personal affront can only make things worse.But not taking it personally is a lot easier said than done.Watch Daniel, the pencil-tapper: After you tell him to set his pencil down, does it stay there for a few minutes?Before he grabs it again, go over and say, “Thanks for keeping that pencil down.” Nine times out of ten, that will lengthen the time it takes for him to pick it up again.This not only makes you lose valuable instructional time, it also annoys the heck out of the other students, who are forced to sit and watch.every issue right away; when an interaction drags on, tell the student you’ll finish talking after class.By Jennifer Gonzalez You know the basics: Establish clear rules and consequences, be consistent, keep students engaged.But even with all that in place, the small things you do could be wreaking havoc on your whole system.

Others just speak in a quiet voice by the student’s desk or call the student up to their own.

You’ve probably heard of “catch them being good,” but actually doing it takes concentration.

For some students, you have to wait a while before the desirable behavior happens!

By replacing these habits with more effective practices, you’ll build a better classroom for everyone.

[Illustrations by Jennifer Gonzalez] Download a PDF of this article ► Visit Jennifer’s website to see her collection of videos about classroom management and effective instruction.

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