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They are with a different publisher and have a different kind of contract. I felt strengthened by knowing there was a woman out there who could write such simple yet accessible dialogue and characters. I searched far and wide (on a then not so easily accessible and slow (sigh) dial-up 'Internet machine'. If I have to wait a year for each new book to come out... You are right there are many differences between the books and the TV show.That is because Lisa has absolutely no say as to what happens in the show. After reading all of this and realizing Lisa will no longer write secret circle and VD or Stefan diaries I feel betrayed.the "mask" forward you will see and feel that she is not to write, you must have all rights to write this story, and it is thanks to her that she has become so famous ... I wonder if she ever imagined the furor her "dreams" would cause? I have been a Vampire Diaries fan since day 1 and I am so disapointed that Lisa Jane Smith will no longer be writing the saga. Is there any chance that she will post a TSC story in this site.?*desperately hoping she will* More power to you Lisa Jane Smith..we, your faithful readers, will forever support and love you..Hi YSTANO LISA WONT ADD HER STORY OF SECRET CIRCLE HERE AS SHE WILL GET SUED, IF SHE TRIED!

That settles it for me, I won't buy anything produced by Alloy/Harper anymore.Why must this seriously amazingly wonderful outstanding beautiful series die?? Me and my friend (we're 13 btw) were like the extreme fans of vampire diaries. is a good writer, I hope she will keep writing and create another great works to beat the evil thief. The hole series would definitely make a grate hit, and I would pay millions to watch my favorite series in a theatre. :)I do agree that it would be wicked to see all of the amazing adventures and soulmates bonding on the big screen however I would be afraid that the movies quite simply wouldnt live up to the books. The stories are cohesive, and I just keep coming back to more and more shows. There has been speculation that it was because of a disagreement over the endgame or an attempt to make the books like the show.We've read all the books, and never missed an episode-EVER! Everyone's imagination is different so I'm certain different people interpret these stories in different ways and enjoy them for different reasons. I have the first original copies of vampire diaries from the 90s.. Why does Damon die in The Vampire Diaries Volume 3 Midnight? I believe Alloy was just looking for a way to keep more of the money from the books for themselves. Sign up in the right column of this page, if you haven't already. i read phantom before i found out that LJ didnt write it... It was an ending and a beginning, it leaves so many possibilities to what could happen next, and in a way I'm happy and couldn't have imagined a better ending/ cliff-hanger. Alloy sucks and just to let you know I will not continue to read any books that aren't written by Smith herself. The year she was born is private information that she has chosen not to share.Without her there would be no TV show or some other publishing company making money off her ideas. Smith will always be one of my favorite authors and I am hard-pressed to find her magic - and yes, it's magic - in any other pages by any other author. The television series is so much worse than the books.She should be the one that gets recognize, not them. What happened with TVD and SC will not happen with any of Lisa's other books. I waited for and bought each book as soon as I found it on the shelves. I was so looking forward to the next installment since Damon's death.

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Lisa did not choose any of this to happen and fought it all she could. Fortunately, those are the only series that Alloy is a part of. Because I think thats just wrong on so many levels.

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