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Posted by / 25-Feb-2020 12:44

If you go into Windows Explorer as an actual window though, and click Desktop, the redirection is active and shows all the files.I've tried gpupdate, with force, sync, boot and everything like that.You can change the default values by modifying the settings in Administrative Templates.You cannot schedule a specific time to apply a Group Policy Object (GPO) to a client computer.

On client computers, this is done by default every 90 minutes, with a randomized offset of plus or minus 30 minutes.

Software installation and folder redirection settings in a GPO are processed only when a computer starts (computer-based policies) or when the user logs in (user-based policies), rather than at a particular time.

To force your Windows computer to check for group policy changes, you can use the command to trigger the updating process.

I recently set up a new domain, everything runs as it should but however certain Group Policy settings won't sync. Other stuff for ADDC & Group Policy works, such as: group.

Users are also able to fully access their allocated storage areas manually by browsing to the location on the network drive, so there's nothing wrong with the folder permissions.

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When you make a change to a group policy, you may need to wait two hours (90 minutes plus a 30 minute offset) before you see any changes on the client computers.