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Further damage was added to the building structure, after the war, the ruin was used as a supplier of building materials.After the end of the war, the few surviving Jews of the city founded a new Jewish community based in the administrative building of the Synagogue in Oranienburger Straße to both create suitable conditions for Jewish life in Berlin and, on the other hand, to prepare the emigration for those who did not wish to remain.Mindful of Hitler's admiration of Bismark, the forger of modern-day Germany, the mob dispersed and a fire brigade was able to save the building from destruction.

Only the buildings on the street remained - as a memorial against war and fascism.

After a last service in the little prayer room on January 14, 1943, the Wehrmacht took over the building and set up a uniform camp here.

During the night of November 23, 1943, the synagogue suffered serious damage during British air raids during the Second World War.

After German reunification, the administration of reunified Berlin officially moved into the Rotes Rathaus on 1 October 1991. Our men were met by such a strong avalanche of fire that further advance along the street was simply impossible. The adjacent octagonal hall of worship, added in 1961, has intensely midnight-blue windows and a giant golden Jesus floating above the altar On 14 November 1940 the Germans obliterated the city centre of Coventry including its Gothic cathedral from the 14th and 15th century.

The fiercest fighting broke out in the city's centre on April 29. It was decided to break into the Town Hall through the walls by breaching them with explosives. Already in January 1941 the people of Coventry held mass again in the burnt out church, having rebuilt an altar from rubble, and using charcoaled beams as the holy cross and made a cross with three hand-forged nails they found in the rubble.

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