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GE got into computer manufacturing because in the 1950s they were the largest user of computers outside the United States federal government, though it retained its timesharing operations for some years afterwards.

GE was a major provider of computer time-sharing services, through General Electric Information Services (GEIS, now GXS), offering online computing services that included GEnie. planned to buy Honeywell, GE made a counter-offer that was approved by Honeywell.

GE will focus on Aviation, Power and Renewable Energy, creating a simpler, stronger, high-tech Industrial company.

In addition to the pending combination of its Transportation business with Wabtec, GE plans to separate GE Healthcare into a standalone company, pursue an orderly separation from BHGE over the next two to three years, make its corporate structure leaner and substantially reduce debt.

He aimed to expand international radio communications. In 1926, RCA co-founded the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), which built two radio broadcasting networks.

The remainder was sold to various companies, including Bertelsmann (Bertelsmann acquired RCA Records) and Thomson SA which traces its roots to Thomson-Houston, one of the original components of GE.

In 2002, Francisco Partners and Norwest Venture Partners acquired a division of GE called GE Information Systems (GEIS). In 2004, GE bought 80% of Universal Pictures from Vivendi.

The new company, named GXS, is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Vivendi bought 20% of NBC forming the company NBCUniversal.

A Datanet 500 computer was designed, but never sold.

In 1962, GE started developing its GECOS (later renamed GCOS) operating system, originally for batch processing, but later extended to timesharing and transaction processing. From 1964 to 1969, GE and Bell Laboratories (which soon dropped out) joined with MIT to develop the Multics operating system on the GE 645 mainframe computer.

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Around the same time, General Electric's Canadian counterpart, Canadian General Electric, was formed.

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