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I don't recommend, not at all due to no matches but because of the venue and time. On 1 hand it's great to see at least 8 guys at once but in general I've never said yes to a single guy.I bought a Groupon to a different SD speed dating group which I will try next month.I really like Cloud Nine they give you your money world and they always have so many varieties I give them with 10 and now they got the deliveries you go boy yes this is ykeela att. It had been 10 years since I'd last dragged my friend to one of these so, since we were both single again, I decided why not?!

I really wish he would've been asked to leave as he clearly was making women feel uncomfortable, even trying to plant a kiss on me just because our lock and key matched. The turnout was actually pretty high, but to be honest, out of twenty women present, most were not my type, and I was hoarse by the end of the evening.

The event itself was organized well, although the age range of was kind of strange I felt.

A lot of personal growth is done between those ages, but the crowd seemed to be more toward the middle and high end of the range.

Just like another reviewer here we were late but Tommy was awesome about it.

It was way more cool and fun and relaxing than I would have expected.

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That plus a couple others seeming disinteresting in trying to see if we were a match confirmed what I feared that maybe ladies are planted to make event look good. He looked shocked but he remained friendly and professional, and I told him the issues that earned him a 1 star, which were also mentioned by other singles at the event.

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