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Fullerenes better dating through technology

These properties position IF materials as one of the best candidates for future protective gear and armor.Currently Ap Nano can manufacture only a few kilograms of the new material a day at their lab in Nes Ziona. Menachem Genut, Ap Nano CEO, explained that the company is moving into semi-industrial manufacturing within the next six months producing between 100-200 kilograms of the material per day, gradually moving to full-scale industrial production by 2007, creating several tons each day.that normally occur as large flat platelets can be synthesized into much smaller nano-spheres and nano-tubes which they named inorganic fullerene-like nanostructures or IF for short.Fullerenes are a new form of carbon, other forms being diamond, graphite and coal.For any comments about this story, please contact the writer of the original article.

This is approximately equivalent to dropping four diesel locomotives onto an area the size of one’s fingernail. In the line of fire - creating super shock-resistant materials In order to understand how it is possible to create this ultra-strong shock absorbing material we first need to understand the nature of the nano material developed by Ap Nano.It is also possible to combine IF with other substances in order to expand their rage of capabilities.For instance, mixing IF with highly elastic materials can lead to new compounds which are both flexible and shock-absorbing.IF materials are Fullerene-like materials but instead of being composed out of carbon they can be created from various other inorganic elements. In contrast to organic Fullerenes, IF is easier and much less expensive to produce, it is chemically stable and is less reactive and consequently less flammable.Organic Fullerenes are also considered to be highly toxic while IF materials have been tested extensively and deemed safe.

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A year ago Isra Cast reported on the development of the first commercial nano-based lubricant which was developed by the Israeli company Ap Nano materials.

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