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Cabot, like Columbus thought he had reached Asia, unaware he was exploring a new continent.

Pedro Alvares Cabral: Portuguese navigator and explorer who explored what is now Brazil.

Contact between Europeans and Native Americans would have a dramatic effect on Europe, but a devastating impact on those who were wrongly called "Indians." Christopher Columbus: Spanish explorer who, with the backing of Ferdinand V and Isabella I, discovered the North American continent on October 12,1492.

Though he was originally seeking a westward route to India, his fleet of ships consisting of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria reached the island of Hispanola, claiming it for Spain.

Their "discoveries" in the New dispelled rumors of a northwest passage and settled ancient questions of world geography.Groupon is a crowd-sourced couponing website that offers deep discounts for products and services in a particular area.The concept allows business to offer deals and the subsequent savings are passed along to the customer.Customer Help Center: 1-888-375-5777 Corporate office: 1-312-784-2366 Customers can send correspondence to the corporate office here: Groupon Corporate Office 600 W Chicago Ave. 620 Chicago, IL 60654 If you want to find the deals in your area or inquire about marketing your business with Groupon, visit the website here You will need to enter your location or the closest city to your location prior to seeing the deal and promotions.

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