Elucidating explanation

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Elucidating explanation

Rather, it is necessary to have a hypothesis of the mechanisms that link the variables before we can arrive at a justified estimate of the relative importance of the causal variables in bringing about the outcome.The general nature of the mechanisms that underlie sociological causation has been very much the subject of debate.Causal relations cannot be directly inferred from facts about association among variables.As she puts the point, “No reduction of generic causation to regularities is possible” (Nature's Capacities and Their Measurements, p. The importance of this idea for sociological research is profound; it confirms the notion shared by many researchers that attribution of social causation depends inherently on the formulation of good, middle-level theories about the real causal properties of various social forces and entities. Consider this formulation: a causal mechanism is a sequence of events, conditions, and processes leading from the explanans to the explanandum (Varieties Of Social Explanation, p. A causal relation exists between X and Y if and only if there is a set of causal mechanisms that connect X to Y.This guide is more useful for enterprise mashups rather than for consumer mashup where mashups are defined for trial or demonstration purpose. A consumer mashup is intended for public use and combines resources e.Thus, mechanisms are needed that support the creation of mashups out of data and also tools that offer functionalities to decouple data from multiple sources from their presentation.Two broad approaches may be identified: agent-based models and social influence models.

Sørensen makes the critical point that one cannot select a statistical model for analysis of a set of data without first asking the question, what in the nature of the mechanisms we wish to postulate to link the influences of some variables with others?

Cartwright places real causal mechanisms at the center of her account of scientific knowledge.

As she and John Dupré put the point, “things and events have causal capacities: in virtue of the properties they possess, they have the power to bring about other events or states” (Dupré and Cartwright 1988).

The central tenet of causal realism is a thesis about causal mechanisms or causal powers.

We can only assert that there is a causal relationship between X and Y if we can offer a credible hypothesis of the sort of underlying mechanism that might connect X to the occurrence of Y.

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