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The Greek word Luke used to describe the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth occurs in the New Testament only in this verse, although the masculine form of the word does occur elsewhere in the New Testament.

If, as some scholars have suggested, Mary also was a descendant of David 9tribe of Judah), then Gabriels remark would mean only that Mary and Elizabeth were both fellow Israelites, since both Elizabeth and Zechariah belonged to the tribe of Levi. Neither Matthew or Luke explicitly stated a motive for Johns question, though the question seems to imply a concern on Johns part that Jesus was not bringing in Gods kingdom in the way John expected or perhaps with the speed John expected.

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Knowing that the religious leaders asked John about being Elijah, readers should carefully remember that the angel had not told Zechariah that John would be Elijah come in the flesh, but only that he would go in the spirit and power of Elijah (Luke ).

This was a reference to John, like Elijah before him, being filled with the Holy Spirit who gave both men the power and authority to do the work for which they had been called.

The exact timing of Johns proclamation is uncertain. Having been called by God, though, was the most important mark of a prophet.

John described the baptism of Jesus as a past event, so Jesus may have been returning from His temptation in the wilderness when this proclamation was made. The office of prophet was not exclusively male; in fact, Scripture names several prophetesses.

While engaged in this duty he was visited by Gabriel, who announced to him that he should become the father of the precursor of the Messiah., Zacharas): Father of John the Baptist (Luke 1:5, etc.).He was a priest of the course of ABIJAH (which see), of blameless life, who in his old age was still childless.According to Luke -79, Zacharias was the author of the hymn Benedictus, which describes God's deliverance of Israel in language drawn entirely from the Old Testament, and which is unaffected by the later Christian realization that the Kingdom is also for Gentiles.Elisabeth, his wife, was of the daughters of Aaron (Luke 1:5) and kinswoman of the Virgin (Luke ; the relationship is altogether obscure).

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According to Luke -45, she was one of those who shared in the secret of the Annunciation.

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