Drug recovery and dating

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There are many symptoms associated with alcoholism include: Early signals of a drink problem are drinking regularly, “blacking out” when drinking and becoming angry or violent.As the addiction worsens sufferers may start to make reckless decision, including missing work or school, driving drunk and generally being irresponsible.Opiates vary greatly from dark coloured chunks to white crystals or powder. Opiates are injected, smoked or ingested depending on their form.Use of opiates can lead to a range of symptoms including: Red eye is the swelling or dilation of blood vessels on the outer surface of the eye. Sufferers may experience blurred vision or discharge. If only one eye is affected it is unlikely to be due to drug use.Drug users often overlook hygiene and a drug habit can lead to complacency about appearance. Drug users often overlook normal hygiene habits (showering, brushing teeth) but other habits, such as spraying perfume or cologne, can be picked up.Drugs users may wear sunglasses at odd times to conceal bloodshot eyes, or wear long-sleeved garments in an attempt to hide possible track marks. Fixation on a drug habit can lead to complacency in other areas of life and appearance is often one of them: people who previously took a lot of pride in their exterior appearance and in the clothes they wore can lose all interest.Medical explanations include conjunctivitis, allergies, computer vision syndrome, eye injuries and ulcers.A sudden loss of weight is a possible side effect of many types of drug abuse. A loss of weight which may be gradual or sudden, significant or subtle.

Stimulants can lead to a range of symptoms including: Opiates Opiates (or narcotics) include heroin, opium, morphine, codeine, and synthetic opiates include Demerol, Numorphan and percodan.

Alcohol problems become particularly dangerous when an individual uses alcohol as a way to forget about their problems or de-stress.

Withdrawal symptoms can be severe and include hallucinations, seizures, shakes, fevers, agitation, irritability, sweating, anxiety, nausea and insomnia.

This condition can flare up suddenly or develop slowly over time and can affect one or both eyes. If the eyes are only affected for a short period of time it is likely to be due to drug or alcohol use: Marijuana contains THC, which causes significant dilation of blood vessels on both eyes, and lasts several hours.

Alcohol decreases the flow of oxygen to red blood cells, causing blood vessels to cluster, sometimes resulting in red, bloodshot eyes.

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Here is a breakdown of drug use statistics by state.

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