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Or telling you to wire money through services like Western Union or Money Gram? Scammers ask you to pay in ways that let them get the money fast — and make it nearly impossible for you to get it back.

If you’re doing any holiday shopping online, know that credit cards have a lot of fraud protection built in. Imposters pretend to be someone you trust to convince you to send money or personal information. As a reformed Ebenezer Scrooge shows us year after year, the holidays are an important time to share with people in need.

Check out the many well-known charities represented in your hometown through hospitals, places of worship, or other similar civic organizations.

Supporting local charities offers a level of comfort and familiarity and their reputations can be more easily verified.

I have my bank statements and this has been going on for three years but getting worse. The last thing you need is to lose money to a scam.Here are three ways to avoid giving your hard-earned money to a scammer this holiday season. Is someone asking you to pay with an i Tunes or Amazon gift card?When I told her it was a scam, she started yelling at me...I hung up. The victims are either too embarrassed to admit they've been robbed or they do not know where to turn for help.A good practice for safe charitable giving is “staying local”.

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I was scammed, lied to, and cheated out of several thousands of dollars over an 18 month period.

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