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Dating someone with special needs

Via the power of internet dating I recently met and reached third base with a very lovely lady. But after the initial throws of passion, I started to notice some things that were a little..

She seems to be enjoying herself, I'm having a good time despite some reservations, I just now find myself paranoid if the things I'm telling her to ensure I am *not* taking advantage of her, as sailing over her head. If I have to put her in some kind of category after our initial meetings, I'd go with 'She's a little slow' if I had too.

If either of you work to the extreme or keep so busy that you are neglecting the other person, or that you can’t even find 15 minutes to talk every day, love in your life? You discuss it in a RESPECTFUL and loving way and, in a REAL relationship, you both contribute and COMPROMISE and agree how the two of you will work through the issue. You can tell the other person in the relationship EVERY day that you are glad they are in your life, what is great about the relationship, how you value their love and friendship, etc. At all times, you MUST treat the other person with respect.

) In my research, I saw first-hand many couples with unbelievable issues with their blended children and who also worked, ran their kids to various therapies and doctors, yet THEIR relationship was important enough to FIND ways to be together. Even if you don’t agree with something, you do not yell, you don’t leave and not return, you don’t stop calling for weeks or stop making contact. And you let the other person know that you will listen and they can talk with you about anything without fear and with an open mind and an open heart.

Bumble is a dating app that only allows women to initiate contact in opposite-sex connections; in same-sex connections either party may initiate contact. Since 2012, Tinder has been matching singles based on their social profiles and geographic location. Both users must “swipe right” before being matched and are then able to chat within the app. At the same time I don't think I'm taking advantage of this person, as she has her own apartment and a pretty good job, but there are certainly red flags aplenty, including calling me 3-4 times in a row if I don't pick up just to say hi, relating to me during the throws of passion a story about something a family member did that was pretty horrible, and at the age of 29, she hadn't ever been with a guy, or so she says, until I showed up. Grammar, putting together sentences was staggered sometimes, and it became clear to me, very quickly, that this girl I've been seeing very possibly has some kind of...mental impairment.I'm sure I'm over thinking this, but having had friends that have worked with mentally challenged people, the last thing I want to do is hurt someone's feelings, or take advantage of them, ya know?Online dating has grown in popularity to the point where there is almost no social stigma attached to it.

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