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There’s no good way to say this, so out with it: Nicki Minaj seems to have confirmed that she’s dating Eminem.

She was promoting her featured appearance on the YG single “Big Bank” on Instagram. L.’s 20th anniversary issue, she spoke about working on “Roman’s Revenge” with the rapper.

Whether it is backstabbing friends, co-workers that have been a pain, or cheating lovers or spouses- this website sends anonymous mail, post cards, mugs, stickers, prank goodies and much more to teach them a lesson.

Plus, the website also offers to have this conversation recorded to be listened at leisure with pleasure.

There are a number of other websites as well like Masters of Revenge that can do nuisance calls on your behalf, without they getting traced back to you.

It includes the line, “Told em’ I met Slim Shady, bag the Em / Once he go black, he’ll be back again,” which Minaj also referenced in the post caption. “I had so many big names on that first album,” she said.

One of her followers asked the obvious question: “You dating Eminem??? “I don’t think that’s ever been done before on a female rap album.

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All in all, six girls turned up to the date, but they ended up all in another bar together, having a great time The man found himself at the centre of a Twitter storm, so he came forward and revealed himself as Justin Schweiger, and defended his actions.

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