Dating my antique pot bellied stove

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To have your cookstove identified, email images of your stove to and staff will assist with identification. The book “Identification and Dating of Round Oak Heating Stoves” (Book Order Form) provides greater detail. The museum does not have information on stoves made by other manufacturers, only Round Oak.The Dowagiac Area History Museum does not appraise or value Round Oak stoves.Did you find a Round Oak stove in a barn that you need identified?We provide some information below and the Dowagiac Area History Museum has the resources to help identify most heating stoves made by Round Oak in Dowagiac, Michigan.They came in generally 3 sizes small–med– large and could burn a fire anywhere from 6 to 8 hours for a small stove, to 8-14 hours for a large one.

Round Oak also made hundreds of models of cookstoves for almost 50 years. I really loved that old pot belly stove, and after i had bought a house a few years later i still loved it, only this time sadly that old pot belly stove was not in my living room, but inside a shed in the back.As time was passing on i was known to tell a few stories that “one day i would restore her” and put her inside my home, a much more dignified place to be of something so special.Fast forward 8 years to late 2010, i was preparing to move to Pennsylvania and since i was taking a lot of my stuff with me, space had become a premium and i really had to take only the really necessary items with me.In the end i didn’t take that old stove with me, i left it outside for someone to take.

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these items were not protected and were exposed to the outside elements.