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Dating in colonial new hampshire

1789 - October 30 - George Washington address crowd in Portsmouth 1795 - Amos Fortune founds the Jaffrey Social Library in Jaffrey, New Hampshire 1796 - October - Public sentiment in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, prevents the return of a fugitive slave to President Washington 1800 - Portsmouth Navy Yard is established.1801 - John Langdon Patriot and politician; first President Pro Tempore of the US Senate became Governor of New Hampshire.Patrick" Coinage New York Coppers (1786-1787)New York Theatre Penny New Yorke Tokens North American Token (1781) Nova Constellatio Coppers (1783-1786)Nova Eborac Coppers (1787)Pitt Tokens (1766) Raleigh Plantations Token Rhode Island Ship Medals (1779) Rosa Americana Coins (1722-1723) Talbot, Allum & Lee Cents (1794-1795) Vermont Coppers (1785-1788) Virginia Coppers (1773) Voce Populi Coppers Washington Coins, Tokens, and Medals Wood's Hibernia Coins (1722-1724) DATE ORDER Bermuda (Sommer Islands) Massachusetts Silver (1652) Maryland (Lord Baltimore) (1659) New Yorke Tokens New Jersey "St. Author: Lodge, John Publisher: Bew, John Date: 1782 Location: Massachusetts, New England, Rhode Island Dimension 27x36cm Scale: [ca. L63 This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.Diseases brought by European explorers and settlers eventually kill 95 percent of the Native Americans in New Hampshire. 1602 - Bartholomew Gosnold explored for English merchants the coast of New England from southern Maine to Buzzards Bay.The remaining tribes flee to Vermont and Canada under pressure from settlers. 1603 - Martin Pring, on a purely trading expedition, followed the same course as Gosnold, but entered several waterways that Gosnold had overshot, including Massachusetts and Cape Cod bays.

During the thousands of years before European arrival, Native Americans living in the region include the Abenaki and Pennacook tribes. Constitution--the final state needed to put the document into effect.

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American Plantations Token Auctori Plebis Token (1787)Bar Cent (Undated) Bermuda (Sommer Islands)Brasher "Doubloons" and "Half Doubloon" (1787)Castorland "Jetons" (1796) Chalmers' Silver Coins Confederatio Coppers Connecticut Coppers (1785-1788)Continental Dollars (1776) Elephant Tokens (1694) Franklin Press Token (1794) French Colonies Fugio Cents (1787) Gloucester Tokens (1714) Hibernia Coins (1722-1724) Higley Copper Coins (1737-1739)Immune Columbia Coins (1785)Immunis Columbia Copper (1786-1787)Kentucky Tokens Machin's Mills Halfpennies ("1747"-"1788") Maryland Silver (1790) Maryland (Lord Baltimore) (1659) Massachusetts Coppers (1776) Massachusetts Coppers (17) Massachusetts Silver (1652) Mott Tokens (1789)Myddleton Tokens (1796)New Hampshire Copper (1776)New Jersey Coppers (1786-1788)New Jersey "St.

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