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So you will not go wrong by showing up at 10pm (sharp! The downside though is that the women are a little closed off. Spice Route (499 King Street West): A very large restaurant that converts into a lounge at around 9pm.

), dressed in a fitted short sleeve collard shirt, jeans and nice shoes (that are not runners). But remember to smile on approach and compliment them on their style. Tryst (82 Peter Street): A large venue that consists of two rooms and patio. The cover on Friday is and it gets packed early. The women there are 19 in age and there are plenty of beauties to approach. This is London (364 Richmond Street West): A very large venue that consists of two floors and a smoking patio. The cover for Saturday is and it gets packed early. Spice Route also boasts a substantial patio area where people tend to congregate during the summer months.

Cheval (606 King Street West): Cheval is the place to be on a Sunday night. Not only that, since Sunday is industry night, the women here are the waitresses, hostesses and bartenders of other clubs.

Yes, you read it correctly: (I’ll give you a second to let that last sentence sink in.) Before you go, you should know that the place gets packed really fast and the people there dress very stylishly. However, the place gets uncomfortably crowded and the women tend to be more closed off as the night goes on. Drake Hotel (1150 Queen Street West): Very hip and cool lounge. The good things about Drake are: The women there are stunningly beautiful, no dress code (but people still dress stylishly) and cover.

Since it is a more upscale crowd, it is not uncommon for the men to wear a blazer, buttoned up shirt and nice jeans.This city houses a wide variety of hotties from a diversity of nationalities of the Canadian, American, and European persuasion.So there is never a deficiency of women to choose from.In this episode of the “Where to Pick Up Girls” series, we take a closer look at some great places in Toronto to meet some Canuck cuties.We also bring you some of the best spots in Toronto to run day game! Century Room has long been a staple on the Toronto club scene.

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On any given Friday, it gets packed early with beautiful women.