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When I was a kid, we still had my mother's 78 rpm record player and her collections of childrens' albums from her own childhood in the 1950s.

There were a lot of old 10-inch records with it, but there were a few two-record sets that made particular impressions on me.

I quickly scan the large, bright room to make sure all is in order.

Tall windows on the far wall frame the green of trees beyond, and a few wooden chairs and tables sit at odd angles on the black-and-white tile floor.

For years, I have been trying to locate these audio recordings again, since the old records are now long gone.

If the body can be conceptualized as encompassing the sounds and smells it makes, "personal space" or any other extension beyond epidermal limits, embodiment must instead be thought of as a flexible performance that can be extended via technology.

Interestingly, the discussion here is often centered on the possibilities inherent in a "matrix of minds" free from the embodied context of physical existence.

Scholars of cyberspace suggest that in an arena removed from the physical body, Internet interaction offers "a tool kit for reconfiguring consciousness," However, these claims are problematic.

" as she tells me that she wants me to try on an outfit. I test out the dress, which is white with a trim of blue at the hem. One guy in a suit and tie is especially appreciative and starts making suggestive comments. He gathers that I am not interested, for a few minutes later he is dancing with two German-speaking girls in a corner. I slowly get up from my desk, stretch my limbs, and head downstairs with my coffee, now gone ice-cold.

After chatting a few more minutes, I say my good-byes to Candy and the others crowded onto the couch near me. The quiet of my house now seems pleasant and I linger a few minutes. "The body is both everywhere and nowhere in social theory today." So declare Simon J.

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Cyberspace here is conceived of as not only an embodied space, but also a space particularly in need of theorizing about constructions of embodiment.

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